Magnotherapy Bands



As worn by European Ryder Cup winning players Lee Westwood and Paul Lawrie along with many others on the European and USA PGA Tours


The powerful field of the magnet is thought to improve circulation, ensuring that a greater number of oxygen-carrying red cells and healing white cells reach every part of the body. Magnetic therapy helps to reduce pain, swelling and increase the supply of nutrients to the affected area.

Any form of therapy that improves circulation and helps the blood detoxify is of huge benefit in the anti-inflammatory and healing process.




  Sports Band


Bioflow Sport is designed to complement an active lifestyle, with a winning combination of patented magnet technology teamed with a durable, non-tearable silicone sports wristband. Water resistant.


G1002-BLK-S Bioflow Black G1012-S Bioflow Neon Blue
G1002-BLK-M Bioflow Black G1012-M Bioflow Neon Blue
G1002-BLK-L Bioflow Black G1012-L Bioflow Neon Blue
G1004-RED-S Bioflow Red G1013-S Bioflow Neon Black
G1004-RED-M Bioflow Red G1013-M Bioflow Neon Black
G1004-RED-L Bioflow Red G1013-L Bioflow Neon Black
G1005-BLUE-S Bioflow Blue G1014-S Bioflow Neon White
G1005-BLUE-M Bioflow Blue G1014-M Bioflow Neon White
G1005-BLUE-L Bioflow Blue G1014-L Bioflow Neon White
G1021-S Bioflow Black & Red
G1021-M  Bioflow  Black & Red
 G1021-L  Bioflow  Black & Red