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M11 Package Set Blue


The complete M11 package set consists of a 460cc oversized titanium matrix driver with matching oversized titanium matrix 3 and 5 woods, all featuring tactical flight channels promoting a lower CG and the perfect launch angle for increased distance, accuracy and maximum forgiveness.

This cutting edge hybrid replaces the longer, harder to hit traditional irons incorporating an offset hosel to eliminate sliced ball flight. By lowering the CG we have also achieved a higher penetrating ball flight, resulting in increased distance and accuracy.

The stainless irons (5-SW)featuring an undercut cavity design and fully embossed medallion. The sleek head shape design with an under cut cavity and wider sole and top line helps to promote extra forgiveness and increwase playability. Confidence building irons with great performance.

The new style mallet putter featuring a soft polymer insert and alignment aid ensures a soft but responsove stroke every time.

All woods and utility clubs come complete with head covers.

All sets come with either a top of the range stand or cart bag offering features you would expect from a Ben Sayers bag.

The M11 Blue package set is available with both graphite/steel and full graphite shafts.

G6300   Gpr/St   MRH   M11 Package Set Blue (Stand Bag)
G6301   Grp/St   MRH   M11 +1″ Package Set Blue (Stand Bag)
G6302   Grp/St   MRH   M11 Package Set Blue (Cart Bag)
G6303   Grp        MRH   M11 Package Set Blue