XF Black Wedges

XF Black Wedges

Feb 3, 2020




  • The classic teardrop head shape gives you the confidence to attack the pin and the versatility to hit whatever shot type is demanded.
  • The stainless steel, electroplated matte black club head provides excellent feel, encouraging positive shot making and consistent ball striking from even the most difficult of lies.
  • Milled groove configurations have been developed to strict manufacturing tolerances to aid spin control from all lies.
  • Available in 50°, 54° and 58° lofts.
  • All loft options come with a regular flex steel shaft.


G6397 – XF Black 50° Wedge MRH – 8° Bounce

G6398 – XF Black 54° Wedge MRH – 14° Bounce

G6399 – XF Black 58° Wedge MRH – 12° Bounce