XF Red Putters

XF Red Putters

Jan 31, 2020




  • The XF Red putter range combines modern club head styling with a striking matte red finish to produce a range of confidence-inspiring putters to help players of all abilities to hole more putts on a consistent basis.
  • All of the putters in the range are weighted in a manner that makes it easier to keep the putter on line throughout the stroke, therefore improving accuracy.
  • Each putter comes fitted with a premium, mid-sized putter grip to accommodate all grip styles and provide tour level feel and feedback, which leads to improved distance control.
  • All XF Red putters include a premium XF Red head cover to keep your putter in pristine condition.


G6402-01 – XF Red NB1 – MRH

G6403-01 – XF Red NB2 – MRH

G6439-01 – XF Red NB2 – MLH

G6433-01 – XF Red NB3 – MRH

G6434-01 – XF Red NB4 – MRH

G6435-01 – XF Red NB5 – MRH

G6436-01 – XF Red NB6 – MRH