Hydra Pro Waterproof Cart Bag


  • The Ben Sayers Hydra Pro Waterproof Cart Bag features an 8.5” top cuff with a 14-way graphite-friendly divider system.
  • The bags are made from a polyester-based waterproof fabric and feature thermo-sealed pocket seams to ensure that your equipment remains dry.
  • The stylish designs and bold colours ensure that the Hydra Pro range is both practical and looks great.
  • The ergonomic shoulder strap and hip pad are also fully waterproof and grab handles at the top and bottom of the bag ensure that this bag is incredibly easy and comfortable to carry and transport.
  • The bag includes nine thermo-sealed pockets to ensure that all of your clothing and equipment remains dry despite the weather. These pockets include a velour-lined valuables pocket, an insulated cooler pocket and two full-length clothing pockets.
  • The bag is fitted with a non-slip base for secure trolley use.
  • Additional features include an umbrella cord, towel carabiner, Velcro glove holder and detachable rain hood.


Available in Grey/Blue and Black/White.


G6427 – Ben Sayers Hydra Pro Waterproof Cart Bag – Grey/Blue

G6437 – Ben Sayers Hydra Pro Waterproof Cart Bag – Black/White