M1i Junior Package Set

  • Reinforced high lofted driver fairway wood featuring a weighted sole plate promoting a lower centre of gravity and producing the perfect launch angle for increased distance and accuracy.
  • 7/9-p/s irons have a sleek club head design with wide sole; promoting extra forgiveness and increased playability. Mid-kick graphite shaft, mid-sized mallet style putter with a stylish face insert and sight alignment for confident putting.
  • Junior stand bag, 5 1/2” with a 4-way driver top and putter ‘pit’ for convenient club positioning with a soft mesh top provide superior graphite shaft protection.
  • This lightweight bag includes 3 zipped pockets, mesh bottle holder, a padded dual carry strap and a hardwearing base stand.
  • Optimum kick graphite shaft including head cover.
  • Available in two age ranges, 5-8 and 9-11.

G4974      Grp      JRH      M1i Junior 5-8 yrs (Stand Bag)
G4975      Grp      JRH      M1i Junior 9-11yrs (Stand Bag)